Monday, May 21, 2012

Who got funds in Lebanon ?

Who got funds from DFI ?

Feature Narrative – Production:
A Concert – Nadim Tabet (Lebanon)
Amira and her friends plan a concert in Beirut to help fund their own apartment and independence. Life has other plans.

Feature Narrative – Development:
Ideal Love – Dima El Horr (Lebanon)
Tamara, an attractive and sparkling biology professor, gets a taste of what could be love, and reconsiders migrating out of Lebanon.

Feature Narrative – Development
One Week Ago, Today – Rania Attieh (Lebanon)
An ageing prostitute takes charge of a young man with amnesia who is returned to his senile old father.

Feature Documentary – Post-Production:
Embers – Tamara Stepanyan (Lebanon/Armenia)
A grandmother and granddaughter explore nostalgia, history, ideologies, war and peace.

Experimental Production/Post Production:
Encounters – Sarah Francis (Lebanon)
Feature: A glassed van roams the city, home to a camera that encourages people to share a personal moment with this moving confessional.


  1. Please could you note that the project of Dima El Horr, "Ideal Love", has received a DFI grant for development and not for post-production.


    arnaud dommerc

  2. Thanks for pointing that out M. Dommerc.
    It was corrected in the text.