Saturday, August 14, 2010

LFF 2010 - Film Selections - Part 8 - Video Clips - Part II

Here are five more selections for the 2010 Lebanese Film Festival.

Including the ones listed below, a total of 52 film selections have been announced thus far. Stay tuned for more..

Maddening Day de Sandra Arslanian
Belgique, Liban, 2010 - Video Clip

Deux filles qui s’opposent, qui s’unissent, qui se rencontrent toujours mais ne se rencontrent jamais. Un clip de sandmoon.


The Incompetents – Urinal Blues Part 1 by Elyse Tabet
Liban, 2010 - Video Clip

The Incompetents have that kind of precious « Daniel Jhonston on a high » sloppyness about them that just makes perfect sense and that had to be portrayed in the video clip. Urinal Blues is about escapism through alcohol and partying all that goes wrong away. It's the Pink Elephant growing bigger in the small round the corner pub that no one wants to talk about.


General Suleyman by Gigi Roccati
Lebanon, 2010 - Video Clip

Falling in Love with Beirut and Zeid's music, I told him i wanted to make a video for his song, General Suleyman. Together with Mr Sadek we began a journey through vibrant beauty, schizophrenic energy, and the multi colored characters of this city, true bridge of east and west. A unique meltin'pot parading under the lebanese flag, dancing to the groove of Zeid and the Wings. This is what we found. Where were You ?


Welia by Zeid Hamdan
Lebanon, 2008 - Video Clip

A video Shot in the Oasis of Beni Abbes in the desert of Algeria with Kanjha Kora on vocals and Zeid Hamdan on the music.


Raksit Leila de Jad Sarout, Chadi Aoun, Yasmine Sarout - Liban, 2010 - Video Clip

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