Tuesday, August 25, 2009

LFF 2009: The Closing Ceremony - And the winner is...

And the first ever Lebanese Film Festival award winner is… Shirin Abu Shaqra with Un instant mon Glamour. Congratulations Shirin !

The Bank Audi Best Film award was presented to the young film director by Mr. Raymond Audi during a very busy and happy closing ceremony.

We asked Elie Khalifé, member of the Jury together with Hania Mroué and Rima Mismar, why they awarded Shirin’s movie:

Elie Khalifé: “ Because her movie is a jewel; it is different, new, powerful, poetic, musical… But I must admit that the final decision was not easy as there were a lot of good movies programmed, like Talal Khouri’s Mercredi; Katia Jarjoura’s Bi rouh, bi dam; Hady Zaccak’s Darson fil Tarikh; Jad Sarout’s Zeid w Leyla…”

We asked Shirin what it felt like to receive the first award presented at the Lebanese Film Festival :

Shirin Abu Shaqra: “Superb! It is a beautiful sign of encouragement. This was the second screening of the movie in public, and the first time in the Arab world. So it is really rewarding!”

Do you have any future plans?

SAS: “ I'm working on a 2D/3D fantastic tale, entitled Conversations with Changes. The Original Soundtrack will be composed by IRCAM young composer Patricia Alessandrini. This film, which is being produced in the framework of my residency at Fresnoy, Studio National d'Art Contemporain in France, will be released next year.”


Two other highlights of the evening were the screening of Lara Saba’s documentary Shattered Memories based on Télé Liban restored archives which have a highly historical and emotional value; and the screening of Chadi Zeneddine’s debut feature film Falling from Earth.

This was the first time Falling from Earth was screened in Lebanon, Chadi’s fatherland. And his enthusiasm and excitement could not be more apparent as he introduced the film to a packed audience amongst which his actors and crew members. A director’s close up interview with Chadi will be written in the next post.

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