Tuesday, August 11, 2009

LFF 2009 - Cinéritage

Restored Télé-Liban Archi

The Fondation Liban Cinéma's (FLC) "Plan Images Archives" project works to restore and digitally transfer deteriorating 16mm archive films of Télé-Liban from the 1960 to 1980 period. This project, which started in November 2007 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2009, is the result of a collaboration between the FLC, the French Ministry of Foreign & European Affairs, Télé-Liban and "The Gate" company (Kodak laboratory in Lebanon).

The LFF 2009 will be projecting a compilation of selections from these carefully restored archives in this year's Cinéritage section, as part of our continued efforts to help renew ties with Lebanon's cinematographic heritage.

The compilation of archives which will be screened at LFF 2009 includes footage from both Tallet El Khayat and Hazmieh archives.

Shattered Memories (by Lara Saba) will be screening at the closing* of the Festival on Monday 24th August, at 7.30pm.

* Closing by invitation only.

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