Friday, August 21, 2009

LFF 2009 - Day 1

The 8th Edition of the Lebanese Film Festival kicked off yesterday by welcoming some 600 spectators on a hot (40°C?) and humid (90%?) evening.

Despite some organizational snags due to the usual 3aj2a and some technical glitches (hey, this is Lebanon!), the crowd came out of the theater after a satisfying first look at the festival. When asked what they thought about the opening program, most of them replied that they were happily surprised by the quality of the movies that were shown and that they felt proud that Lebanon offers such artistic talents.

Though the movies presented were all Lebanese, they were all quite different. The audience giggled and laughed throughout Danielle Arbid’s mise-en-scène of typical Ashrafieh middle-aged women having conversations around their afternoon Arabic coffee.

A blanket of silence descended upon the spectators as Katia Jarjoura’s emotional and intense "Bi rouh, bi dam" unfolded. The audience gave Katia a round of warm applause, showing that her first fiction movie has won the hearts of many Lebanese.

Talal Khoury took the spectators on a Hamra-esque half-hour journey into the surreal and the spontaneous.

There is still plenty for your eyes to feast on in the coming days! We'll see you at the Empire Sofil Metropolis Cinema everyday till Sunday - programs start at 6pm.

Please note that the Festival Pass gives you access to all screenings until Sunday – Please don’t lose it and bring it with you to the cinema!

Also, if you want to be sure to have a seat – and not sit on the floor or watch the movie while standing, make sure to arrive on time and to get into the theater early.

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