Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who Got Funds - July Update


ADFP 2012 winning projects are:


Project Title: Contrepoids
Director: Selim Mourad

Producer: Jana Wehbe
Country: Lebanon
As the apparent last male descendant of his family, the filmmaker is researching his family tree in the hopes of discovering a male descendant other than himself to ensure the continuity of the family name into the next generation. Being attracted to men, he does not intend to marry. His search, however, is unfruitful and he begins to wonder about conceiving a child through a woman and working around the inherited social norms of hetero-normative family life.

Projects in production and post-production

Project Title: A Maid for Each
Director: Maher Abi Samra
Producer: Jinane Dagher
Country: Lebanon
Many Lebanese households employ an African or Asian live-in domestic worker. There are currently 200,000 migrant domestic workers to the 4 million resident Lebanese. The market for domestic work in Lebanon is segmented according to the national and ethnic origins of the worker, where the Lebanese employer is master and the worker is akin to property owned by the master. Through the three characters of Zein, Rima and Lati, the film aims to dissect the entire system and bring a deeper awareness to a reality that, for the Lebanese majority, is largely ignored and taken for granted.

Project Title: Eye of the Architect
Director: Nadim Mishlawi

Country: Lebanon
The documentary explores the work and ideas of Lebanese architect Bernard Khoury as he guides us through the paradoxes of Beirut. The film will examine Khoury’s distinctive approach to urbanism, and through analyzing the contextual aspects of his work, will also explore the ideas of identity and liberalism in an exceedingly unstable socio-political environment.

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