Friday, June 29, 2012

Who got funds? June 2012 Updates

Eye of the architect (Lebanon): 

Director: Nadim Mishlaw

Controversial and provocative, renowned architect Bernard Khoury is one of the few
individuals who has attempted to tackle Lebanon's turbulent modern history. Khoury's
unique architectural style and radical ideas will be used as a departure point into a
journey exploring the challenges of nation building in Lebanon and the region.

Waiting for dawn (Lebanon): 

Director: Mary Jirmanus 

Fatima Khaweja was 19 when the Lebanese army killed her during a peaceful worker strike in 1972 outside Gandour chocolate factory in Beirut. Waiting for Dawn takes viewers on a search for Fatima and through it on the search for the other ordinary men and women now living in obscurity, protagonists of the Gandour and Regie strikes, who once believed in the power of social movements to change their country.

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