Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who got funds from the Screen Institute Beirut ?

Bab El Tabaneh (Lebanon): DEVELOPMENT
Director: Remi Itani
This is the story of three young men raised in the poorest neighborhood on the Mediterranean. "Bab El Tabaneh" located in the biggest city in north Lebanon - Tripoli. The film takes us in a journey into the underground, into the slum of all slums. The oldest of the three young's hasn't turned 24 yet. The story focuses on how they got trapped in the vicious circle of life, where violence, drugs or crime is the only way to release their frustration.

Waiting for Dawn (Lebanon): DEVELOPMENT
Director: Mary Jirmanus
Fatima Khaweja was 19 when the Lebanese army killed her during a peaceful worker strike in 1972 outside Gandour chocolate factory in Beirut.
Waiting for Dawn takes viewers on a search for Fatima and through it on the search of the other ordinary men and women now living in obscurity, protagonists of the Gandour and Regie strikes, who once believed in the power of social movements to change their country.

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