Monday, July 27, 2009

LFF 2009 - Film Selections Part 2

Last week, we announced the first five film selections of the Lebanese Film Festival. Here are five more.

In total, around 30 films will be selected for screening. Including the ones below, ten films have been announced so far.

Check in soon for more film selection announcements.


My Heart Beats Only For Her
by Mohamed Soueid

Lebanon, 2008 - Documentary

Inspired by the Vietnamese revolution, the call to transform every Arab capital into a Hanoi for the Palestinian revolution echoed far and wide in the 1960s and 1970s.

Hatem Hatem fought amongst the brigades of Fat'h and was known by the nom de guerre Abu Hassan Hanoi. This film is intended as a letter to Hatem Hatem from his son Hassan, who revisits the memory of Fat'h's Vietnamese moment in Lebanon. The journey takes him to Beirut, Dubai and Hanoi, as he explores each city's relationship to revolution, war and urban growth.


by Sirine Fattouh
Lebanon, 2008 - Experimental

"Remake" was made during the summer of 2008 in northern Lebanon, while the director was working on the project "Perdu/Gagné." Sirine filmed a man in four static shots and asked him two questions each time: "What have you won?" and "What have you lost?" The final result is a humorous, 16-minute video of an interview in which boundaries between reality and fiction are blurred as the interviewee changes his speech and dress for each sequence.


Hayda Lubnan
by Eliane Raheb

Lebanon, 2008 - Documentary

Eliane says, " 'This is Lebanon' is the fatalist phrase I always hear from my Maronite parents whenever an unfortunate event shakes up Lebanon, and especially when the Christians feel they are 'depressed'."

Using the political crisis that has taken place in Lebanon since 2005 as a departure point, the director tries to unravel the country's sectarianism and questions her parents about her own upbringing.


Ecce Hommos
by Claude el Khal

Lebanon, 2009 - Short Movie

Full of enthusiasm and hope, a young Lebanese filmmaker, script in hand, knocks on the door of an international producer to pitch his film project.

"Ecce Hommos" is a satire of a world where the dreams of young Lebanese filmmakers often clash with the ignorance and arrogance of "professionals" who confuse clichés with works of art and want to turn Lebanese cinema into a lousy version of the evening news.


by Jad Eid

Lebanon, 2008 - Short movie

It has been announced that the town of Houla will be invaded in the coming three days.

Seif has no more shaving cream. He cannot stand his growing beard. Fighting with the grocery vendor, Seif negotiates the price of the last remaining tube of shaving cream.

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